Looking for Inventors

Do you have an invention or unique product that you need help bringing to market? Troika can help! Troika has relationships with numerous factories that can customize an endless variety of products. Troika also has its existing network of retailers to market your innovative products.

However, most advantageous is Troika’s flexibility with prospective innovators. Troika does not require any upfront ‘Marketing fees’. Troika focuses on finalizing a product innovation and marketing to retailers with as few costs as possible. Troika will analyze your product, recommend any modifications, and develop prototypes. Brochures and catalogs may also be created if deemed necessary. The cost of prototypes and advertisement materials can be split between Troika and the innovator roughly in line with your proposed revenue split from future sales. Troika will then market your product to retailers along with its existing line of products. There are no incremental marketing costs to Troika, so none will be charged to you. Once a retailer agrees to purchase a batch of your products, then Troika will front production costs, and share the profits with the innovator according to the arrangement you have negotiated.

Innovators will be allowed to keep ownership of any patents and trademarks they possess, and have the freedom to stop marketing their products with Troika at any time. Troika understands that confidentiality is of primary importance to innovators, and will not divulge any contact details or information to third parties.

Sound too good to be true? What’s the catch?

The catch is that Troika gets to partner with innovators like yourself and market promising and unique products. Such products are often profitable, because consumers can get them nowhere else, and Troika will profit along with you, the innovator. As innovators bring their inventions to Troika, Troika is able to access and choose which products it thinks have the most potential, and help the innovator bring them to market. Troika’s risk is low because it’s business model has few upfront costs, with big potential rewards from innovative products that will command a premium in the market.

How to get started?

Send us an email via the contacts page or directly to: info@troikaco.com. Include details of your product idea and what kind of production and marketing help you need Troika to help with. Troika will then contact you to set up a free consultation meeting to begin a collaborative, step by step process of helping get your product to the market, and profiting from your innovation!