Troika International Trading Company was founded to help connect suppliers and retailers worldwide, to make sure that the best products with the greatest net value find their way from factory floor to store shelf. Troika's team of professionals are focused on helping our customers and partners plug in and find greater value from the global supply chain.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to ensure the free and smooth flow of products from the factory floor to customer door.

Troika utilizes its expansive global supplier network, and thorough market research and product analysis to find and timely deliver the best quality products at reasonable prices to the US business market. We have a dedicated buying team and quality control experts in China to supervise our customer's products as they flow through the supply chain. We handle each step of this process, including manufacturing, packaging, shipping, custom clearance, and final mile delivery to the customer's distribution center. Quality products at competitive prices guarantees increased profits for our customers. Troika's quality controls also ensure only factories with a customer's required certifications are allowed to produce products, and neutral part inspectors inspect product randomly to ensure no defects get through. At the same time, a reliable supply chain allows for reduced inventory and energy for our customers to focus on their core business.

Troika's main office is located in Omaha, Nebraska, a centrally located logistics hub in the United States. To aid its efforts to build a comprehensive supplier network, Troika also has agents across China's main manufacturing centers. In addition to physical assets, Troika brings together employees who understand both the demands of the US markets as well as the needs of Chinese suppliers.

We speak the language and understand the myriad business and legal environments that our customers and partners operate in. This helps us to bring suppliers and retailers together in our broad network and create synergies in the global supply chain.